Please add greatest relaxation to an elegant view. Selection plan The Kyoto dish which can be satisfied with the taste of the four seasons [Kyoto dish  Sansui] Please gather round the delicacy and the hospitality by which mind is satisfied. Restaurant -FLORE-

From JR Kyoto station Hachijo east entrance, to the east, 3 minutes on foot Hotel Centnovum Kyoto home page


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STAY +81-75-682-8777

Though it's located in the Kyoto center, it's quiet and is a settled hideout-like hotel.

Stay plan


Stay plan

Stay plan

Guest room guide

Guest room guide

Kyoto dish SANSUI +81-75-682-8781

You can enjoy a reasonable Kyoto dish.Please be satisfied with the real work and taste a master chef will give.
I also have a private room, so you can also use it for a meeting, reception and dining together, etc..

Kyoto Kaiseki Course Meikou(Master craftsman)

Kyoto Kaiseki Course (Master craftsman)
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Specialty OBANZAI Box lunch etc.

Specialty OBANZAI Box lunch etc.

Sake tasting

Sake tasting

Dinner Reception

Restaurant FLORE +81-75-682-8780

It's possible to spend some time when the landscape of the light sunlight and garden put in is quiet. The lunch and the tea are also casual.
Please utilize Flora when sudden dinner party and having by a group.

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A hotel stay in Kyoto is to "hotel Centnovum Kyoto" before Kyoto station.
Than JR Kyoto station Hachijo east entrance, to the east, 3 minutes on foot
You can stay at a blowing through lobby of natural marble and a guest room with a chic atmosphere.
Hotel where it'll be located in sightseeing and a stay immediately than convenient Kyoto station and hotel Centnovum Kyoto.
I'm also waiting for use by a restaurant, a banquet, a meeting, a party, reception and a meeting.

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